Well, a few months have gone by since Christmas. This was a gift I made for a couple who really like Halo - I really wish I could have been there to see them open it. It was packaged together, but the pieces side by side like in the middle picture, and I am told “When we put the pieces together it clicked, and instead of angels singing it was Halo music, it was really awesome.” I think they might have embellished the story a little… Maybe. xD Either way I wish I could have been there. 

Made with sculpy and acrylic paint for the amulet, held in place with hemp.

I wanted to make something archaic and faded while holding the Halo theme, almost like a fantasy-version take of the symbol, or perhaps a faded remnant of something long past. I don’t know if I managed to capture that, but it was fun!

Well, I haven’t finished a painting in awhile - I got really, really sucked into gaming for longer than I’d care to admit. This is a bit of a push into getting some work done again.

This is mostly my playing with environmental effects and trying to make a more cohesive background - I tried to get some sunbeams going here but for some reason it just wasn’t clicking. Ah well. 

And yes, I drew sunlight and flowers. Bit odd for me… but hey, the dragon’s cute.

It’s some sort of… feather… dragon thing? I don’t know,

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