Man, this was quite a challenge. I’ve never really drawn a horse before, and the reference I’d used for this was one of motion, not a pose - doubly challenging for me. 

Despite this, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this character - originally I was going to put her open for adoption, but I’m not going to lie, I adore her and am rather reluctant about the idea of letting her go. And yes, she’s a flutist - I loved drawing all the little details, and the fur pattern going up her human half, and everything. Been awhile since I was so happy with how something turned out. 

Design-wise, I wanted to draw a centaur with a human portion that tied-in well with her lower portion, unlike more traditional centaurs where the human half’s just plopped on as if with too much glue. The inspiration was the concept of someone slipping into a comfy centaur form like a snug, comfy sweater, which reflects in the fur around her outer body/arms tying into the lower half.

Well, a few months have gone by since Christmas. This was a gift I made for a couple who really like Halo - I really wish I could have been there to see them open it. It was packaged together, but the pieces side by side like in the middle picture, and I am told “When we put the pieces together it clicked, and instead of angels singing it was Halo music, it was really awesome.” I think they might have embellished the story a little… Maybe. xD Either way I wish I could have been there. 

Made with sculpy and acrylic paint for the amulet, held in place with hemp.

I wanted to make something archaic and faded while holding the Halo theme, almost like a fantasy-version take of the symbol, or perhaps a faded remnant of something long past. I don’t know if I managed to capture that, but it was fun!

Well, I haven’t finished a painting in awhile - I got really, really sucked into gaming for longer than I’d care to admit. This is a bit of a push into getting some work done again.

This is mostly my playing with environmental effects and trying to make a more cohesive background - I tried to get some sunbeams going here but for some reason it just wasn’t clicking. Ah well. 

And yes, I drew sunlight and flowers. Bit odd for me… but hey, the dragon’s cute.

It’s some sort of… feather… dragon thing? I don’t know,

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