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Power Crystal Necklaces

Some examples of the work I’ve been doing recently! These crystals and stones don’t just glow in the dark - they glow all the time, bright enough to be seen in vivid sunlight. The white necklace is a semiprecious  gemstone, specifically celestite, and has the most beautiful glow of them all, in my opinion. The first two are made from resin, with layers swirled within to better facilitate that beautiful glow. 

Each stone is wrapped in silver wire and the glow can be triggered on and off to question. Those first two were commissioned before I even had the prototype done yet - They’re long gone now. 

I plan on making more and selling them as interest comes up - Some ideas I have in mind next are glowing dice, glowing symbols from various games (MTG mana/guild symbols as an example), things like that. 

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